Shown in the overview below are the components of the diesel particulate filter system.

The overview shows a system with single exhaust pipe. On multi-pipe exhaust systems the particulate filter and the sensors on the exhaust system are installed for each set of cylinders.

The reduction catalytic converters convert the nitrogen oxides (NOx) contained in the exhaust gas into nitrogen (N2) and water (H2O). To achieve this a reducing agent is continuously injected into the flow of exhaust gas before the reduction catalytic converters. The reducing agent is stored in a separate additive tank.

The system is controlled by the engine control unit J623 in conjunction with the NOx sensor control unit J583 and the sensors responsible for the system.

We are offering to convert your gasoline vehicle (most cars from 2000 year) to ethanol (E85 flex fuel conversion)

Advantages of using E85 conversion is:

  • Roll with all types of species (lead-free and E85),
  • lower prices for fuel (will safe by 50% of fuel economy)
  • Reduce CO2 emissions by 66% compared to gasoline fuel Reduce fine particle emissions by 85-88% and Nitrogen Oxide by 25-28% compared to gasoline fuel.
  • Client can continue to drive SP98, SP95 and SP95 E10.