After 4 years of developing and testing in this area, by popular demand and inquiries, we are pleased to announce more than 2000 models which we can do now for stage 1, full decat, DTC off, speed limit removal!

You can find on platform in “new order/prices” in a list of many models and ECU's which were already tested and added.

Chip tuning for motorcycles what is it?

Motorcycles chip-tuning this is change in the program in the standard ECU by different modifications (removal of all kinds of limiters): in maximum speed, in rpm limit increasing, removal limitations in the first three gears (for example is Kawasaki zx14r from early years of production), changing fuel maps and ignition maps.

With the help of chip tuning, you can significantly improve the characteristics of your motorcycle just in the low and medium rev range, as well as increase the maximum power (around 5-8%).

We are modifying and correcting the following areas:

Fueling maps – Air mass, Lambda maps correction, partial and full throttle maps.

Torque limiters – Torque limiter adjustments to allow higher power increase.

Ignition maps – Baseline, Rev limiter, ignition timing and correction factors.

Quick – shifter – Shorter up and downshift dead-times for maximum acceleration of your motorcycle. From this modification acceleration and 1/4 mile times are surprisingly improved.

Adaptive Fuel/Timing – Ignition/fuel calculation for maximum performance and response for upgraded fuel qualities. Make more HP on race fuel versus pump fuel.

Disabling unnecessary functions and systems, such as EXUP (throttle in the exhaust), removing catalyst monitoring and second lambda

Throttle response– reconfiguring the operation of the electronic throttle and secondary intake flaps, modify WOT limiter which allows for more aggressive wrist twisting under any WOT power requirement.

If you can't find in list any model, you can write us on email for question and we will add in list your model and offer stage 1 and other options.

Here above you can see most common motorcycles brands


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