We are offering to convert your gasoline vehicle (most cars from 2000 year) to ethanol (E85 flex fuel conversion)

Advantages of using E85 conversion is:

  • Roll with all types of species (lead-free and E85),
  • lower prices for fuel (will safe by 50% of fuel economy)
  • Reduce CO2 emissions by 66% compared to gasoline fuel Reduce fine particle emissions by 85-88% and Nitrogen Oxide by 25-28% compared to gasoline fuel.
  • Client can continue to drive SP98, SP95 and SP95 E10.

We are offering you the best modifications of file modifications.

When you ordering E85 Flex solutions you will have:

– Best quality for your E85 conversion

– Flex Fuel solutions developed and controlled by our engineer (lambda, cold/hot start problems, LTFT, STFT)

We can do E85 modifications for most cars (90% of all market), so if you not found in list any ECU with this option, please contact us and we will add in list your model.

To order a service, you need to GO TO SERVICE and register


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