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MINI ONE(1500 75HP) BOSCH 00003E4B010701 00003E7D1E6E02 Original Tuning file

Here is original ECU file for MINI ONE 1500 75HP: BOSCH MG1CS201 (DME_84T1) 00003E4B010701 00003E7D1E6E02 00003E4B010701_00003E7D1E6E02_000049661E6E02. To buy the original file, you need to register on our file-service or log in (if you have an account) and Recharge your account. Also you can find all available options on our platform for emissions removal (DPF, EGR, AdBlue) or improving power with stage 1/2/3 or ECO tuning.

File specifications: BOSCH 00003E4B010701 00003E7D1E6E02

Brand name and modelMINI ONE
Engine Power1500 75HP
Engine CodeB48A20M1
Ecu Brand nameBOSCH
Ecu Model nameMG1CS201 (DME_84T1)
Ecu Hardware00003E4B010701
Ecu Software00003E7D1E6E02
Ecu Calibration00003E4B010701_00003E7D1E6E02_000049661E6E02
Ecu Software Upgrade000049661E6E02
MINI ONE BOSCH 00003E4B010701 00003E7D1E6E02
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